First: My ten year tenure in corporate America gave me the opportunity to work in multiple business settings over my professional career. This has allowed me gain valuable insight into the innerworkings of organizational structures, values, and leadership factors needed to ascend the hierarchy. If your goal is to find a job, become a high-potential, and ascend the corporate ladder, I can confidently guide you to your goal. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, I am here to help you turn your aspirations into reality. 

Second: I have a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health. I am not offering any counseling services, but my educational background has given me a unique lens and understanding into human cognition and behaviors. My holistic perspective on how to approach doubts, fears, and relationships gives my clients the best platform to reach the transformation they desire.

Lastly: I have gone before you so you do not have to do this alone. Life has thrown me a fair share of curveballs and hurdles to overcome. Most likely, I have been in a very similar place of where you are today. I understand that it takes great courage to explore consulting and coaching. Call me to find out more and start your transformation now!